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Jewish Future Together

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Just Do It! A Mechanism to Get Us Started

(Shai Franklin: eJewish Philanthropy, May 25, 2020)

Jews of Color deserve an accurate count

(Tema Smith: The Forward, May 19, 2020)

Synagogue Innovation in the Age of Corona

(Rabbi Sid Schwarz: e Jewish Philanthropy, May 11, 2020)


The Morning After: What We Need to Know about the Coronavirus and Ourselves

(Steven Windmueller: eJewish Philanthropy, May 10, 2020)


Lead or React?

(Cindy Chazan: eJewish Philanthropy, May 5, 2020)


Beyond Coronavirus, Connecting Our Communal Conversations

(Shai Franklin: eJewish Philanthropy, May 3, 2020)


Participation, Policy, Structure and Leadership:The Ordering and Reordering of our world in Times of Crisis

(Robert Hyfler: eJewish Philanthropy, April 28, 2020)


In this Moment: Some Reflections on Who We Are and Are Becoming

(Steven Windmueller: eJewish Philanthropy, March 26, 2020)


The New American Reality and What It Means for Jews

(Steven Windmueller: eJewish Philanthropy, December 10, 2019)


Tough Questions for an Uncomfortable Moment in Time

(Steven Windmueller: eJewish Philanthropy, September 5, 2019)

The Week That All Jewish Women Turned Invisible

(eJewish Philanthropy, August 15, 2019)


“The Establishment” Has No Clothes: The New Jewish “Influence Economy”

(Yehuda Kurtzer: eJewish Philanthropy, June 26, 2019)


Big Jewish Nonprofits Can’t Keep Letting Only the Ultrawealthy Call the Shots

(Jay Ruderman: eJewish Philanthropy, June 4, 2019)


Looking Past the Flames: Andrés Spokoiny’s Address to JFN 2019

(Andrés Spokoiny: eJewish Philanthropy, March 19, 2019)


The Open Jewish Community: From No Boundaries to Communal Assemblies

(Robert Hyfler: eJewish Philanthropy, February 24, 2019)


Engaging millennials is all the rage. But is it the best use of Jewish philanthropy?

(Jack Wertheimer: The Times of Israel, April 3, 2018)


American Jews and charitable giving: An enduring tradition

(Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim: The Conversation, December 10, 2017)


The $54,000 Strategy: A Bold Solution to Undervaluing our Jewish Professionals

(Mark S. Young: The Journal of Jewish Communal Service, Vol. 88, No.1/2, Winter/Spring 2013)

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