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 Shai Franklin: Speaking Topics 

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  • 2024 elections, with the world watching

  • Presidents and their foreign policies

  • Ukraine and the future of post-Cold War Europe

  • Reclaiming UN as a force for democracy and human rights

  • Gaza: Who broke it and who can fix it?

  • Deciphering Israeli politics

  • Arab-Israeli peace — what went wrong, what went right, what's next

  • "Critical race theory" vs. the new Fascism


  • Non-profit ethics and best practices

  • Reshaping & recruiting an effective and accountable non-profit Board

  • Social media networking & advocacy

  • Lobbying 2.0


  • Combating antisemitism, at home and abroad

  • From Holocaust to Jewish future

  • Interfaith dialogue, for real

  • "Jewish continuity" as a means, not an end

  • Models of communal leadership and followership

  • ‘Propaganda response’ vs. intellectual inquiry on campus

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