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Community Matters: Israeli Identity & Politics
8 August 2019


Just Do It! A Mechanism to Get Us Started

25 May 2020 (eJewish Philanthropy)


For the United States and United Nations, two heads are better than one

16 May 2020 (The Jerusalem Post)

Reconsidering Community Now: Who, What, Where, Why, and How

3 May 2020  (eJewish Philanthropy)

The Dog Ate My Mideast Peace Plan

4 April 2019  (The Jerusalem Post)

A better way for Gulf states to engage Americans and American Jews

25 September 2018 (TRT World)

Surviving the ‘Holocaust law’ controversy

2 August 2018 (The Jerusalem Post)


Since When Is ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ A Bad Thing?

24 May 2017 (The Forward)



Why some US Jewish groups now recognize the Armenian genocide, and others don’t

> 13 December 2019 (The Times of Israel)

“There’s a division of labor in the American Jewish community,” Franklin told The Times of Israel. “If the ADL has come out in support of the resolution, a lot of groups may see them as covering the wider community on this issue.”

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Gotham will work for Libyan government

> 27 September 2019 (Politico)

Now Gerstman and another Gotham lobbyist, Shai Franklin, have been hired lobby on behalf of Libya’s United Nations-supported government, according to disclosure filings shared with PI.

Former Trump lobbyists will represent Libya’s sovereign wealth fund  

> 20 August 2019 (Politico)

Gerstman, Schwartz and another partner at their firm, Shai Franklin, will work to “change the sanctions” affecting the Libyan Investment Authority, according to a Justice Department disclosure. They’ll also reach out to Congress, the State Department and the Treasury Department as well as the media and the “business and banking sectors,” according to the disclosure.

A tale of two Hanukkah parties: Obama’s last and Trump first

> 17 December 2016 (JTA/The Times of Israel)

“It had a good turnout, but it was pretty obvious which organizations weren’t there,” said Shai Franklin, a veteran Jewish insider who attended. “There were not a lot of liberal Jews there.”

Why did the Bahraini Crown Prince snub the USA?

> 8 December 2012 (The Cable) 

"In some sense, the crown prince was right," said U.S. non-government delegate Shai Franklin, senior fellow at the Institute on Religion and Public Policy. "Since the last time we had this summit two years ago, Bahrain has been going through a difficult period. Bahrain has been assailed on Capitol Hill and elsewhere and perhaps rightly. But what has the U.S. government done to help Bahrain get through it? We’ve left it to other countries, we’ve left it to international organizations and NGOs. Maybe that’s worked, but we can’t take credit for that."

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